Syzygy endgame tablebases

Draw by insufficient material

The game is drawn because with the remaining material no sequence of legal moves can lead to a checkmate.


Syzygy tablebases

Put a position on the board to probe the tablebases.

Syzygy tablebases provide WDL and DTZ information for all endgame positions with up to 6 pieces, allowing you to make progress, keeping a win in hand, winning all won positions, bringing all drawn positions over the fifty-move line.

This is unlike the shortest way to mate (DTM), that does not account for the fifty-move drawing rule.

Intresting positions:


If you want to use tablebases in a chess engine you certainly need a local copy.

Generating the tablebases requires time and resources. It is more efficient to download them via BitTorrent or from a mirror:

Combined size if about 150GB for 6 pieces, 20TB for 7 pieces.


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